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Porto Recanati Archeological Area of Potentia Picena and Torraccio

From the colonia civium romanorum of Potentia, founded in 184 B.C., the Necropolis (burial grounds) and the Urban areas have been brought to light, uncovering public buildings such as a temple surrounded with a portico of columns, a city marketplace and luxurious private residences decorated with mosaic floors.

Potentia grew and prospered for the entire imperial age; in the fifth century AD, there is evidence of the presence of a Bishop’s seat in the city. The site was abandoned around the 7th century AD.
About 500 m from this point, toward the northwest, there is Torraccio or Torracciolo which for centuries was the only surviving part of the existence of the Roman city of Potentia, in the area. It is the original cement part of a funerary monument, likely to have been the tower type, located on one of the sides of the Decumanus Maximus. It is an impressive monument, built in the western necropolis of the city, for the burial of important people in the community. Measurements: length 3.50m; width 2.42m; total height 5.70 m; Date: 1st century AD


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