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Castelraimondo Church of Saint Martin in Rustano

The position of the Villa of Rustano, on a hill at 371 m.a.s.l., emphasises, although it is an open medieval settlement, a tangible desire for defence comparable to that of a castrum. The church of Saint Martin is mentioned since 1198, and was subjected to the Monastery of Saint Angel infra Ostia of Saint Anatolia. The villa and church were mentioned frequently from 1272-1299 and this shows the importance of the village, mentioned also in 1356 in the Descriptio Marchiae Anconitanae by cardinal Egidio Albornoz at the time. The church features baroque elements inside with an altar dated 1686, accompanied by an altarpiece dated 1585 depicting the Crucifixion with the Our Lady, Saint Martin Tours, and the Magdalene. The side altars contain two other paintings respectively with Our Lady of the Rosary, Saint Dominic, Saint Catherine, and the fifteen mysteries, and with the Deposition with Our Lady and Saints Francis, Joseph, and Bartholomew. 12th century

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