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Montelupone Church of Saint Francis

Works for the construction of the monastery and church began in 1251, proof of which is seen by the document with Seal in which Pope Innocent IV allotted forty days of indulgence for those benefactors who competed for the building of said church. Over the centuries, the church underwent various transformations, but the most significant took place in the 18th century when it was completely re-designed following the late Baroque style, visible in the rich stucco decorations made upon designs of the Calmaldolese monk, Father Giuseppe Antonio Soratini from Brescia. On the high altar, one can admire the famous painting Our Lady of Milk by master Antonio da Faenza in 1525 and over the lateral altars there are paintings including Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of 1631 by Ernst Van Shayck and Saint Joseph of Cupertino by Benedetto Bianchini of 1754. In the painted wooden choir loft there is an organ by Pietro Nacchini built in 1753, teacher of the famous Venetian organ-maker Gaetano Callido. In the corners of the nave, there are four stucco statues depicting Faith, Hope, Charity and the Holy Roman Church, works by the sculptor Pietro Lejeune of 1752. Restored in 2000. 1251

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