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Treia Church of Saint Lorenzo

At 530 meter sea-level, in a scenic position, there is the church dedicated to Saint Lorenzo Martire. Sixty-five steps of long stair guide the visitor to read the history of little community, lived for a long time in simple little cottages of the castle of Saint Lorenzo, competed with “Guelfi di Montecchio” and “Ghibellini di San Severino”. The Montecchiesi destroyed the church in 1176.

Inside, there is an unique nave with a ceiling truss, among which it is possible to admire the beauty of same slippers of different color and incision.

The ancient church “della Pieve”, officiated by a dean at the beginning of XVII century, became church with the title of “Pievania di Castel San Lorenzo Martire”, title remained until the revision of Compromise between the Italian State and the Holy See, that modified it in “Parrocchia di San Lorenzo”.



At the beginning of IV century, the cult of Saint Lorenzo was celebrated in 10th August on the tomb of the martyr, at Tiburtina street; the Martyrologium Hieronymianum (V century) describes the saint, that he was martyred during Valeriano persecution in 258 A.C., as a archdeacon. The date of martyrdom is established from the Liber Pontificalis as “…the fourth day of August ides”.

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