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Montefano The Walls and Fortress Escarpment

The tower was part of the ancient walls (built in 1308) besides the west door that was the entrance to the town. The east door was instead next to the former Town Hall. The people from Osimo, following the deed by the papal Legate Philip, Cardinal of Saint Susan, in 1452, were forced to restore the walls and rebuilt the Tower to strengthen the defence in the south of the village. The works were executed by master John of Venanzio from Caldarola known as the Barlese. The tower has a rectangular plan and the sides measure 10 meters by 12. The sloping base of the wall, 6 meters high and 3 meters wide, a characteristic defence work, had the purpose of keeping enemies as far as possible. The Keep, separated from the base by a brick creasing, measures 8 meters by 10 and is 2 meters high. The protrudent part is above, supported by drainage brackets. On the high part of the tower we can see the dovetail merlons (Ghibellines).

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