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Potenza Picena Collegiate Church of Saint Stephen

The Collegiate Church of Saint Stephen, situated on the East side of the town’s historic centre, was built starting in 1631 on a previous design by the architect Giovanni De Rosis and ultimately completed around mid-century, except for the façade which was never finished. Inside there is an organ from the Bazzini’s of Venice (1848) and on the main altar, a picture portraying Saint Stephen, attributed to Domenico and Giovanni Peruzzini (17th century). Below, the Chapel of the Congregation of Farmers was entirely decorated by Benedetto Biancolini (18th century). The building next to the church, begun in 1585, was the Jesuit College of Monte Santo until the suppression of the “Company of Jesus” (1773). It now accommodates the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Institute where some ancient looms are kept.