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Montecassiano Palace of the Priors

The original structure of the building dates back to the 12th century, but it was completely redone in the 15th century. In 1467, the façade and the portico were built, as confirmed by a commemorative stone above the second pillar on the left, carried out according to the design by Master Antonio Lombardo in the Lombard architecture of the times. In the next century, the municipal administration purchased some nearby homes to enlarge the structure. The present aspect of the façade dates back to a restoration in 1938 by the architect, Guido Cirilli, an intervention which restored the battlements and which had a great arch built connecting it to the Compagnucci Building. On the façade, there is a niche between the first and second windows with a 19th century fresco portraying the Madonna with Child. On the interior, there is a funerary headstone dating back to the 1st century after Christ in honour of Cassia Orestina, found in 1602 in the Valle Cascia locality. The Great Hall, formerly the Council Meeting room, has a wooden truss ceiling and is illuminated by three double lancet windows of the façade. 15th century.

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