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Recanati The Municipal Building

The ancient municipal building (combined with the tower), said “Palazzo dei Priori”, was built in the period of the union of the three feudal castels of Recanati: Monte Volpino, Monte Morello and Monte Muzio (1550 c.).
It was reconstructed after a fire in 1322, and rebuilt in 1467, it was destroyed in 1871 to give space at the current building. It was started in 1872, designed by the engineer Pietro Collina and the architect Giuseppe Sabbatini. In the square enlarged it was placed the monument devoted to Giacomo Leopardi, present of Ugolino Panichi and, on the 29 Juin of 1898, the first centenary of the birth of the Poet, was made the solemn inauguration of the Municipal Palace. At the second floor there are: the great Aula Magna decorated by Gaetano Koch, the boardromm with the bust of the poet Giulio Monteverde, the Sala degli Stemmi, and the Assembly Room, decorated with furnitures of the 700’s in Pompeian style by Matteo Tassi from Perugia. From below the “open gallery” (loggiato) you enter in the Municipal Hall and, with the honor stairs, you arrive at the halls of the second floor.

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