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Recanati The Civic Museums of Villa Colloredo Mels

It takes his name from the Collored’s Friulan family arrived on Marche in 600’s years. The medieval building takes the physiognomy of a palace towards the end of 500’, becoming object of continuous transformations in the following centuries until to obtain the current appearance in Neoclassical age. From the 1998, the palace hosts the Recanati’s civic museus, articulated in various sections with testimonies that document the story and the art of Recanatifrom the Prehistory since our days. The archaeological section allow ro know the organization of a Neolithic community that lived in this area and disappear during the Age of iron.
The picture gallery that conserves masterpieces of 300’s and 400’s, is famous above all for the extraordinary works of Lorenzo Lotto, a Venetian painter (1490-1556). You expatiate from his youth masterpiece like the Polyptych of Saint Domenico (1508) since the fascinating Trasfigurazione (Trasfiguration), influented y Raffaello but of total Anticlassical impostation, to ending with the unforgettable Annunciazione (Annunciation), absolute masterpiece of the Master.
The section of Modern Pictury collects a rich collection of the Recanatese artist Rodolfo Ceccaroni’s potteries.

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