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Appignano The Potters Street

The first certain account of the presence of kilns and kilnsmen for the production of bricks at Appignano dates back to before the 1500s. The first document archive that mentions a potter from Appignano, Pasqualino Mariani from Caldarola, dates back to 22 December 1557.
During the early 1800s, there was word of Francesco Marzi and Bernardino and Antonio Marzi (from Pollenza) who were potters working in Appignano. Others who were registered as potters were: Giuseppe, Pacifico, Placido and Luigi Federici, the Bartoloni’s, the Fermani’s and D. Matteucci. During the 1950s, potters such as Testa, L. Bozzi and G. Ferri (SittÌ) stopped making terracotta dishes and started producing decorative pieces for the home. The stimulus to make changes came from the collaboration with some important artists: Ceccaroni of Recanati, the neo-futurist Tulli, Politi, Tomassetti of Macerata, Trubbiani of Villapotenza, Farabollini of Treia, the architect Castelli of Macerata, Cappannari of Osimo, Biondi of Macerata and Monti. Sandro Messi and Ignazio Gennari should also be added to the list. In 2006 the Municipal School of Ceramics was founded which organises courses for professional training in learning how to make handcrafted terracotta objects moulded on the potter’s wheel.

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