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Appignano Villa Tusculano

Constructed on a site which was once a monastic complex dedicated to Saint James of the Marche, the villa represents the symbol of Appignano. A treasured monument for its architectural style and history, it was built in the Napoleonic era by Count Leopoldo Armaroli and designed by the Bolognese architect Giuseppe Nadi, who, among other things, also designed the splendid Villa Aldini in Bologna. The name Tusculano derives from Cicero’s “Tusculan Disputations.” The composed classic rhythm which characterises the main façade of the villa was in line with the cultural tastes of the period and with the spirit of Armaroli. However, the actual implementation differs greatly from the original project. In 1823 the Count had the façade of the villa built and in 1826 a coffeehouse or better, an exedra with a nymphaeum in the centre was also built. Both the façade and the coffeehouse were designed by the architect, Luigi Poletti, as evidenced by a plaque affixed by him on the surrounding wall of the exedra. 19th century Giuseppe Nadi Luigi Poletti.

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